Welcome To Our Story ~ Love Wins.

Welcome To Our Story ~ Love Wins.

Hello and Welcome to “True Love Won’t Quit”, but you can still call me “Love” for short! I chose this blog title because moments before my husband’s arrest in 2016, he asked me why I didn’t leave him and I responded “True Love Don’t Quit”, but now, almost 2 years into a long prison sentence, I have learned that true love will not quit. It won’t let go, no matter how many hot coals we get raked over, we are still holding on because we know that what we have is worth fighting for.

Who is Leesa Love?

Who is J-Love or Mike?

Now, some of you have been with me through “Love’s Deep Waters” which crashed upon going self-hosted. You’ve been with me through “Love Incarcerated” which brought out the buried anger and hate that was deep in my soul. That isn’t the legacy I long to leave, and so I have decided to base this blog entirely upon the power of love and all things related to love. Some might ask why I have given up and come back so many times. Hate is the answer to that question. The hate comments I receive and even a few death threats forced me into hiding again and again and again, and I’m done hiding from my truth.

I am a prison wife. My husband made a terrible decision. Life didn’t end on that day. 

For those who are just finding this story, I assure you that everything that I say is true. My passion for life is to leave authentic documentation of this journey. Most of our story is told from my viewpoint, but occasionally my husband likes to chime in. We are both of the Christian Faith, and much of what I write is based upon my faith. I’ve never had an issue with people of different backgrounds, race, or beliefs, and hope that this blog will not offend anyone. 

Contrary to popular belief, I am not an advocate for inmates but I do enjoy helping those who feel forgotten, and I do not condone my husband’s behavior, but I have chosen to love and forgive him. I was completely unaware of what he was doing behind my back. My stating that he is “special needs” is not giving him an “excuse” or a “crutch”. It is stating facts, facts that I was unaware of because his medical records were sealed and he didn’t comprehend them well enough to tell me what he was experiencing. 

I am sympathetic to people out there who have experienced real suffering at the hands of others. I myself, as well as my husband, have also. I don’t know how much he would be comfortable with me sharing about his personal life, so I will not get into that. Much of his past is a blur of suppressed memories that he cannot deal with. It took years for me to face my past. Again, I am sympathetic to those who are hurting, however, I genuinely hope that our story doesn’t offend you. The thing about God is, He’s a God of second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and so on, chances. We fall down, He lifts us back up. We believe that God can take something as horrific as a 15-year prison sentence and turn it into something beautiful. Our journey is a testimony in the making. We already know the ending. Love Wins.

Though the ultimate message of this blog is love, it would be 100% inauthentic of me to share only the good parts. We have rough days, not so many now, but in the beginning, I was angry! continue reading

~Leesa Love