Good Morning Hugs ~ poetry by Leesa Love

“Good Morning Hugs” I called them My highlight of each day I tried to treasure every one Knowing far too soon they’d go away But that will be fine I convinced my heart No matter what She won’t be far They’ll be Sunday dinners And holiday Brunch She might even call you up “Hey Mom, […]

Adopted Bird Refuses to Fly

Sadly, my camera has been out of batteries for a few weeks now, but here are some of the photos I took with its last bit of juice.  I stepped outside with Sibby and realized that the Cardinals were leaving their nest…well, most of them. Not all the little “Cardinals” were so eager. So Daddy […]

Time to Call Chuck!

This is a Lovie letter that I chose to share publicly because it’s so comical you can’t help but pity the man and try not to laugh at his dramatics. If you want to read more Lovie letters like this please become a patron for $5 a month. Lovie Letter 6-3-2019 I feel a lil […]

Hear us as we pray ~ duet poetry ~

Oh Lord Hear us as we pray Help me be the wife That he needs today These chains that bind us Will not define us Though the walls Reach so high Your love will provide The strength we need To get through another day Oh Lord Hear us as we pray Help me be the […]

Enemies ~ Poetry by Leesa Love

Every time you hurt I am hurting too For the God above tells me  To have compassion for you You who took everything From me and then When I cried out for mercy You hurt me again and again  Still, I would not falter From what I’m called to do The Lord says to love […]