Poem #1

Nights are the hardest times for the inmate/prison wife. The busyness of the day slows down and all those memories creep in. Sometimes it’s just best to sip a little wine and embrace the pain. 

She sips wine
In the moonlit memories
Of a beautiful day
When he was home
And they were skin to skin
And heart to heart 
There were no steel bars
To keep them apart
In the moonlit memories
Of her shattered heart
She sips wine

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Folks say I have angel wings and a heart of gold! I'm happy with who I am. I support my special needs husband though he is incarcerated. I love him with the purest of love! I like to help others, I enjoy the rain, nature walks, and photography. I love God and my family and friends and hope to make a living as a poet and inspirational writer. Faith, Hope, Love, and Incarceration are the stepping stones of my current journey ~ I hope to leave a legacy of love through my writing ~

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