Poem #2

I don’t know too many wives who have been through 4 pregnancy losses, an unfaithful husband, and then that husband be sentenced to 15 years in prison while his stepson lives on the streets, that wouldn’t come away with at least a little bitterness in her heart. I’m not perfect, but I do have faith that God can work even in this mess!

Dear God, would You forgive me for my bitterness?

Would You spare Your anger, please?

You know our faults

We don’t try to hide

This is a hurt

I don’t know how to survive

We need this Lord

A second chance

Grant us now, another dance?

Together we stand stronger

Then our “loves” before

We are crying out

Bless us, Lord!


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Folks say I have angel wings and a heart of gold! I'm happy with who I am. I support my special needs husband though he is incarcerated. I love him with the purest of love! I like to help others, I enjoy the rain, nature walks, and photography. I love God and my family and friends and hope to make a living as a poet and inspirational writer. Faith, Hope, Love, and Incarceration are the stepping stones of my current journey ~ I hope to leave a legacy of love through my writing ~

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