You’re Gonna Make It ~ poetry by Leesa Love

A poem for those in the pit. No matter if you were pushed, stumbled in blindly, or jumped in willingly, there is hope, even in the pit. Keep climbing. You’re gonna make it!

You’re Gonna Make It!

You are hanging on the side of your own cliff
Trying to drown out all the echoes of “what ifs”

Memories of bad choices
Keep you up at night

You hear the voices telling you
You will never get it right

Trying to escape
You force yourself to try and sleep

You toss and turn
Fighting violently with your own relentless grief

You open up your eyes
To the same ole scene

And to your surprise
The sun is shining!

Let your spirit rise
For the time has come for climbing

No matter how it looks
Or what may try to hold you back

No matter how it feels
Or what you think you lack

Get a foothold on your life
Take one step away from your strife

Hold tight to what you know
Hang on, don’t let go

You’re gonna make it

This won’t break you

You are strong

And you’re gonna make it back
to where you belong


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2 thoughts on “You’re Gonna Make It ~ poetry by Leesa Love

  1. Thank you! We’ve been hitting brick walls at every angle here on Earth. That can only mean that God has His own plan and we just need to be patient. It is 100% out of our control now. 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting!

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