Who Am I?


I am words. I am joy. I am peace. I arise each morning with a song in my heart and a message bursting to be released! The words they flow meticulously and I cannot hold them back. They seem to have a purpose of their own, like a runaway train barreling down the tracks! May they spread joy, for I am joy. My tears do not define. Inside I know that I will grow and this gives me peace of mind. My world has been shaken. I am a victim of loss, it’s true. I’d much rather spend my time writing about my joy and peace to you.


It is simple. I am nature within. I am the unattainable flames of the wildfire. I am the hurricane’s forced winds. I am the rocking of the ocean. I am the Summer breeze so mild. I can be your best friend or enemy worst. You like me, great, let’s be friends. You hate me, well that choice is yours.


I am hope! I am bound by the chains of never giving in. Some say it’s my heritage, some say that I’m just a b#^/&! But again, that’s your choice. I’m not here to impress. I am here to give more of myself until you see me less and less. So strip away my money, strip away my dreams, you can strip it all away if it makes you feel supreme!

You are not so innocent, and you are not so pure. Do not cast blame on me, when in fact the blame is yours’.


Lastly, I am who I am and that is one who loves. I am simply me, and that’s all I want to be. I don’t even understand the capacity of love that flows out of me! I have so many reasons to be bitter just like you. I have so many heartaches that could make me come unglued. I have so many tragedies and people I could blame. But most importantly, I am Love. Oh yeah, one more thing,

“That B!% $&!” is NOT my name!


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