A Tragic Return to this Blog

I was planning all along to return to blogging, then I lost my friend and had to face some emotions.I had a really cute, sweet, story to tell, and I’m still going to tell it, however today that sweet story has a tragic ending.  

This blog began, LDW, as a way to document our journey. Somewhere in the ups and downs and negative feedbacks, I lost my way as a writer and have struggled tremendously with the traumas I’ve endured.

I have several updates to share, but I feel I need to share this story first to perhaps clear my mind a little. My husband is okay. His special mind can be a blessing sometimes. Especially in times like these.

I don’t remember if I shared this exclusively on Patreon and Facebook, or if I made a post and removed it because I’m dealing with what seems to be PTSD symptoms. A couple of weeks ago, my dear husband, became so excited as he approached an inmate because he thought he’d found an old friend who he’d done time with previously. I’ll call him what my husband calls him “Twin”. So he ran towards this man exclaiming “Twin!” happily. Then the man turned to him and said: “No, I’m the other twin.”

Now, I was certain by his reaction that he and his brother had talked because he quickly figured out who my husband was and they became fast friends. In fact, I took my position as his message deliverer, just as I had done for Twin about a year ago. I spoke with his wife and told her how to send money and set things up because he’d just transferred. My husband and the new twin became fast friends and have been for the past two weeks or so.

My husband speaks with so much excitement when he talks of these two brothers, so today as I was planning to share this cute little story, tragedy struck. “Twin” has been found dead. I can’t imagine the pain of his brother and I know that my husband doesn’t know what to say or do in this situation. Our condolences to the family. I’m trying to wrap my mind around it and I only spoke with Twin once or twice on the phone. Earlier J was just repeating himself saying “I played with him. I knew him. I don’t know what to say or do.” Which in a way, can be a blessing in disguise. During this incarceration, we haven’t dealt with any losses that were close enough to my husband to possibly have an emotional impact. One of his bunkie’s in jail was released and immediately murdered. J feels the shock but not the grief and the two friends I lost, he never knew.

My heart goes out to the family. When I learned that “Twin’s” twin had been sent to prison, my first thought was their poor mother having two boys in trouble. Now I can’t imagine. I just can’t imagine. So, please say a prayer for all of these family members who have lost their loved one and especially the poor brother who can’t be there for his family and last J spoke to him, can’t process it himself. I’m sure he’s in denial.

It’s just so ironic that they just met a couple of weeks ago. Maybe having that connection with his brother’s buddy will somehow help him cope. I hope so. Prayers for them all.

R.I.P “Twin”

~Leesa Love