He Falls Down ~ poetry by Leesa Love

He Falls Down

What a terrible disease
And it throws him to his knees
He tries to scream
But makes no sound
Suffering in the silence
He falls down

If it was a pain
If it was an injury
There would be a pill
To ease all of his misery

If it could be cured
By the clapping of his hands
He would climb the tallest mountain
And become a one-man band

He tries to find the answers to “why?”
The truths revealed
Would make a grown man cry
It tries to keep him down on the ground
He struggles
Then suffering in silence
He falls down

And when he falls
I will reach for him
I will lift him up
From the lowest floor

And when he calls to me
I will answer lovingly
You don’t have to suffer silently

~Leesa Love



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