Enemies ~ Poetry by Leesa Love

Every time you hurt
I am hurting too
For the God above tells me 
To have compassion for you

You who took everything
From me and then
When I cried out for mercy
You hurt me again and again 

Still, I would not falter
From what I’m called to do
The Lord says to love our enemies

I guess that means you

But I will no longer be around
To receive any more abuse
You’ve rejected me for the last time
And the loss is entirely on you

See, God told me to do something special
And I had a big surprise
But as I took that first step towards you
There was nothing but hate in your eyes

And so I mumble “God, Bless ’em”
At the close of the day 
“You just turned away a blessing”

Knowing I did my part
I smile, wash my hands of you, and walk away


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