Are Rainbows just a Myth? ~ poetry by Leesa Love ~

My husband and I met in 2012. We married in 2013. Shortly after, we suffered a second-trimester loss after suffering an early miscarriage just before we were married. Two more early losses followed the late miscarriage. My husband so desperately wanted a child that he was willing to cheat on me to make one – which he did with a very dishonest person. Not only did she not have any intentions of allowing my husband or me to be in the child’s life or to stop doing drugs while pregnant, but she herself was also posing as a much older (and legal) age. 

Both my husband and I have older children from previous relationships. My daughter, whom I raised until her biological father and I divorced (then she bounced back and forth), is 20 and I barely see her anymore. My husband (who is mentally disabled) was in prison in his twenties in a similar case (that time he was unmarried) fully believed that he would be allowed to see his 2 children who were 3 years old and 6 months old the last time he saw them, was refused any visitation. They are now, almost 19 and just turned 16. He’s missed their whole lives. My step-son from the affair just turned 2. We’ve both missed out on his life and most of his life has been spent being abandoned by his mother and raised by grandparents who say horrible things about my husband and I so they can get donations.

Last I heard, they are homeless again and the authorities are now involved. At least now, maybe my stepson’s psychological needs as well as physical, are being met. I tried to support these people and send them money and speak reasoning to them, but when a FB post referred to my stepson as a “mistake” and went on to say that had she wanted an abortion, they would have supported her decision, I realized that regardless of who is raising that little boy, nobody will ever love him the way my husband and I do! Heartbreaking affair and unjust prison sentence aside, that little boy, as all children are, is a blessing in our hearts and he will forever be a blessing in our hearts! 

This poem is my take on the world today. You might not agree. If you do agree, feel free to give me a star. I have closed comments because I am not into confrontational discussions about any of this crap going on. I keep to myself. I mind my own business. I don’t harm anyone! My husband and I will never lose hope that God will still send us a rainbow after all of these horrible storms have passed. 

Thank you for reading & Blessings to ya ~ 



A young man hangs to the side of a bridge
Planning an end to it all

One night of passion and a woman has to choose
Is it life or is it law?

When the cuffs went on he became a number
His identity is no more

One glance at the news and the heart will sink
With all the hatred, killings, and war

The clouds roll in and I hear the thunder
As the rain comes down, I can’t help but wonder

Are rainbows just a myth?

Will tomorrow hold the laughter
Of the children born today?

Or will they receive the “rights” they are after
And wipe all the children away?

I have not seen a rainbow in the sky
Since they took him away and we said “good-bye”

Then the storm clouds moved in
They had their way

I am here, He is there
In Heaven, our lost children play

As we hope for a rainbow, just to brighten our tomorrow

Another “problem” just got swept away


“According to WHO, every year in the world there are an estimated 40-50 million abortions. This corresponds to approximately 125,000 abortions per day.”


Take it or leave it!