Bubble Bath Pics and Man’s Wisdom

Bubble Bath Pics and Man’s Wisdom

Bubble Bath Pics ~ August 15, 2012 

So my phone is dead. It took a bubble bath. That’s what I get for trying to flirt. I’m struggling not to be depressed. It’s not easy! Mike is talking about checking himself into a mental hospital. I’ve never dealt with this before. This is all new. All I know is I want to pour all of my love into this man who I’ve never seen in person. I can’t think of a time in my life when I’ve felt this way. I can see myself with this man. I’m feeling sad today but I know this is just a test. 

Mike had mentioned checking himself into a mental hospital and the thought of a week or so without him, destroyed me! (she blogs on day 959 of a 15 year prison sentence 😥 July 4, 2019) 

There’s a charming innocence about Mike. I told him I felt like a beached whale. He said it was okay because I am his beached whale. 

August 19, 2012

I am his future bride. He knows it and I know it. We can’t explain it. It’s a connection that can’t be put into words. Though we’ve yet to even see each other face to face, we just know!

August 20, 2012

Two weeks have passed so quickly! I cherish each moment, the ups and the downs. 

August 21, 2012
(The niece and her boyfriend who live with me have been letting me use their phone. Their service is running out.)

I could not make myself get off the text with Mike this morning. I literally slept half an hour. Then J, let me sleep another hour. I awoke in a panic rambling about silence and not having a phone and school forms and being late for work! 

J, in his 19 years of wisdom looked at me and said “it’s okay, you know I’ll get you there on time, you got this, we got this.” 

Mike says that to me all the time! 

J found the school forms for my daughter and assured me that he’d finish filling them out. He’d get me to work, A to school, and then when he got back he’d wash the dishes. Nothing else was said. 

Once in the car, J says “this is just from a man’s point of view, in all my wisdom. You have a man willing to buy you a cell phone. When a man buys a woman a cell phone, he is really saying “I want to talk to you!” So don’t let the silence scare you. Mike’s not going anywhere from what I can see.” 

He was right. I was being silly. Mike had gifted me with a phone and added me to his plan! The phone had not arrived yet and J and S weren’t going to be around. My fear of silence really threatened my trust in Mike not to walk away as everyone else had. 

People walking away is all I know. It hurts and makes me wonder whats so terrible about me. Each time I question if I just don’t matter to this world. I’m so tired of being thrown away. 

What if by some magnificent miracle, Mike actually loves me and let’s me keep him?


The poem inspired by the moment

Image Credit: Pixabay https://pixabay.com/users/msandersmusic-1972097/

The stories and poetry you will read in this blog are written and reposted from past events. Our journey is on an upward spiral at the moment and wonderful things are happening. This day to day journal is available for $5 and up Patrons at Patreon

Thank you so much for stopping by ~ Have a Super Blessed Day ~ 

~Johnny Love & Leesa Love 

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