How Our First Week Really Went

How Our First Week Really Went

Oct 1st,2012 12:48PM

Good Afternoon “Sunshine Box”. You mean everything to me. I am glad you’re in my life. You are a blessing from God! I really enjoy spending time with you. You light up my life and heart and bring a smile to my face! You are a wonderful and beautiful woman inside and out! And I am gonna make you my wife one day 🙂

Hugs and Kisses,
Mikey Love

October 4th, 2012 2:44PM

Well Mrs.Sunshine Box it was a great and awesome week I had spent with ya! Looking forward to your next visit! We got some good snuggle time in. I really enjoyed your company. I am glad you overcame your fear of riding on the bus and met me. You’re a beautiful sweetheart.

Until Then, My lil soft Dove,
Mikey Love

Back in Alabama ~ 10-5-12

So, I’m back in Cordova now. The bus trip was fine. I didn’t do a lot of writing while with Mike simply because I wanted to give the week time to soak in before I wrote out my thoughts.

The bus trip was nothing to fear. I enjoyed it. I arrived at the bus station 30 minutes before Mike and his Madre. I saw him while he was still outside. Recognized him right away! He looked so handsome in his vest and black cowboy hat. I teased him a little in text because he did not see me.

He walked right past me. Finally I moved closer and we fell into each other’s arms!

I was really tired from the trip and wondering if I’d be enough for Mike. Was I pretty enough? etc..

I met Super Pops (his step-dad) and the four of us ate at Taco Bell. It was then that his Madre informed me that my daughter could not live with her for the first year and my heart, my hopes, my dreams, and my faith all shattered.

I was heart broken and just moments after arriving, I was hurt and feeling rejected and unwelcomed.

Mike could see it in my eyes. Admittedly, I blanked out for the next several minutes. Mike was still on probation and my daughter being 20 feet away from us was the perfect plan. I wondered why they’d changed the plan so quickly. I needed to cry but held back my tears. I’m not sure if they fell that day, I think it was the next morning.

Our first night together was quite cozy. Still the fear, worry, and doubts weighed heavily on my soul. The second blow was the awkwardness of trying to get acquainted in a hostile environment. The third blow was the way his sister doesn’t want to meet me. Makes me sad. We seem to have so much in common. Except I seem open minded about people. But ya know, I’m not marrying his sister!

So Sunday we didn’t go to church. Monday we stayed in for most of the day. I was struggling with the anniversary of my friend’s suicide. Mike did something nobody has ever done before. He grabbed me in his arms and held me. Then he redirected my thoughts. I was stuck in “Wow-Land” I don’t think I’ve ever felt anything like the security of being in his arms. It’s as if his hug somehow sealed my bleeding heart.

On Tuesday he bought me a $1 promise ring and presented it to me at Lake Ella vowing to make me his wife.

That was our first date alone, October 2, 2012.

He wants to be a hero. He has no idea that he’s rescued me.

On Wednesday we went to church. I haven’t been to a fellowship dinner in a long time. I couldn’t find the strength to fellowship. I was able to sing. Mike pulled me out of my comfort zone with sitting us up front inches from his pastor. Mercy! I thought I was going to die! I was proud of me though. I did it.

Thursday flew by all too quickly. I was boarding the bus back to Alabama before I knew it. Mike hopped on 5 minutes before departure for some hugs and kisses. Mike wants to be a hero – he has no idea what he rescues me from. I love him.

Image Credit: Pixabay

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~Johnny Love & Leesa Love 

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