This Garden of Love ~ poetry

This Garden of Love ~ poetry

Happy Saturday Everyone! This was today’s 3:20 post but before I could get it scheduled a round of severe weather hit and forced a shut down of all things electric! I’m suffering from the pressure changes today but otherwise, all is well. First of all, I have no recollection of ever writing this poem. I found it in our journal. It is amazing to me how us meeting 320 miles apart and having to endure the long distance relationship was somehow strengthening us for the prison sentence to come. My husband’s wrong choices came as no surprise to our Creator and He has continuously cleared the path for us to walk as effortlessly as possible through this rough time. We are Blessed. We give out light and love and good and that light and love and good comes back to us. I hope you are enjoying the new layout and style of the blog. We are so grateful to have you here reading our words and our story. Thank you! Sincerely ~ Leesa & Johnny (Mikey) Love

This Garden of Love

We are but two seeds
Tossed into this garden of love

We have simple needs 
To be shined upon 
And replenished of – 
All that was lost
As we struggled to sprout 
As moisture diminished
We flourished amidst the drought 
Still, somehow we managed 
Though we have thorns
You have yours
I have mine
With all odds against us
We intertwine
And with all of our strength – 
With all of our might – 

Together in this garden of love we unite

originally written 4/18/13 

Image Credit: Pixabay

Hello and Welcome! I hope that you are enjoying this trip down our memory lane. Become a $5 a month Patron today to gain access to what’s happening currently. My husband and I are on an upward spiral and excited to see where all of this is going! 

~Leesa Love

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