Storm Clouds Rage – Poetry by Leesa Love

A poem that was written in response to the immediate verbal and emotional abuse that started after I moved in with Mike and his….parents. They treated us both horribly and even now they (or at least she that I know of) is spreading lies about us both. One woman from their church came up to me in the store and called me a “harlot” and a “prostitute” right to my face. Apparently, “madre,” told everyone that I was selling my body to survive when I was living on the streets.

And she calls me the liar!

Mike was and is ashamed of their behavior towards me. I never did anything to them or against them except defend myself when I felt threatened. To this day he cannot wrap his mind around the way they treated me even to the point of his sister and brother n law throwing me out of our rental home when I had more than enough to cover rent.

Storm Clouds Rage

Steam rises like an angry teapot 
Emptiness glances at all which was sought 
To find something too precious to let go
Storm clouds rage, gentle waters still flow 

Punch, kick, scream
Pointless as it may seem
Losing all sense of control 
Clinging too tightly to simply, let go

In your eyes, I see a new dawn
Cautiously, I absorb this journey that we are on
Whatever became of “you reap what you sow?”  
“It’s not fair,” I cry
It’s not, you know? 

You hold me close and say “I know”

My bleeding heart beats fast, then slow
Your hold is so tight, it restricts blood flow! 

There is nothing more you or I can do
You say “we have no choice but to let this go” 
Tears stream
Uncontrollable crying

I don’t want to let go
But I’m really trying 

Image Credit: Pixabay

The stories and poetry you will read in this blog are written and reposted from past events. Our journey is on an upward spiral at the moment and wonderful things are happening. This day to day journal is available for $5 and up Patrons at Patreon

Thank you so much for stopping by ~ Have a Super Blessed Day ~ 

~Johnny Love & Leesa Love 

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