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Love’s Journal #2

Feeling discouraged…just don’t want to talk to anyone besides my husband. I want to close myself off from the world and focus entirely on providing a better life for us. Writing, as I assumed it would, has taken a back burner. Since I can’t find a job either. I guess we’ll just sink. 20180710_125057_0001

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Love’s Journal #1

As many of you know, this isn’t actually Love’s Journal #1, but the first 300 Love’s Journals are in a file that I lovingly refer to as “blog-mess” which was created after Love’s Deep Waters, my first blog here, collapsed during its journey to self-hosting. 

I thought long and hard about writing our story and decided I’d rather just document it! I don’t have time or money to fiddle around with creating content while paying my bills. 

And so here goes! 

Today has been a stormy day. I woke at 2:30 AM to get my task work completed before the storms came around 8 AM. For the most part, I succeeded. I was exhausted by the time the rain began and went back to bed after walking Sibby. When I woke again at 10:30 the power was out. I wrote my Lovie a letter until the power and internet came back up, but I’ve been unable to focus on work because he hasn’t called. 

I just heard today that the scientists at the National Hurricane Center are now saying that Hurricane Michael that hit us last October was indeed a Category 5 hurricane. Why were our inmates left in the path of a Category 5 hurricane?!? It just doesn’t make sense. Juan wants me to buy him a clothing badge that they are selling for donations to the victims. He wants to wear that badge with honor because he was there, like a sitting duck, when almost all of Panama City was wiped from the map! He experienced it first hand and had to go through the fear of not having contact with me for 10 days. As I was going through the fear of receiving no answers from the authorities on where they had been later evacuated to. The CO’s were allowed to come into our personal chatroom and harass us, calling us stupid for supporting inmates, and telling us that they deserved to be left in the hurricane. 

He’s back in Panama City now, after spending some time near Miami. I know he’s back in a safer facility, but when he doesn’t call…it just creates such an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. Of course, I know he’s okay. I know God watches over him. I just need to hear his voice. 

My phone did just pick up a voicemail of him trying to call. It didn’t come through. I’ve checked my phone. It’s working. This is all just so frustrating! 

To think that one stupid decision to cheat on your infertile wife to make a baby combined with a bunch of high and drunk liars, has nearly completely destroyed my family and my life. People try to force me to go out and enjoy life. I don’t want to. I’m quite content sitting by my phone waiting on the one person who truly cares to call so we can talk things out. 

I’ve seen and heard a lot of negativity lately and I’m just done! I am turning off my comments section because this is just a close-ended vent from a prison wife. Nothing more, nothing less. 

~Leesa Love


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THIS IS NOT OKAY!!! Feeling Cute Challenge

pixlr1240025742.jpgFirst, they verbally abuse us during a hurricane crisis, one of which I was personally unaware of my husband’s well being for TEN DAYS! Now there is a “Feeling Cute Challenge”. There is nothing cute or funny about joking about our loved ones well being!

This is WRONG on any standard. Would you feel cute about harming an animal or a baby?!? Hell NO! The press would eat you alive. But it’s okay to leave our loved ones in the path of a Category 4 almost 5 hurricane. It’s okay to joke about harming our loved ones. That’s okay? That’s funny? NO This needs to stop. These people need to lose their jobs and learn how to respect human life!

We go through hell out here as inmate families. We worry about gang violence and things going wrong. We worry about inmates who want to fight or CO’s who just like to control things too much. WE HAVE ENOUGH TO WORRY ABOUT! This is no different than a crooked cop! Which we also have experience with after watching a homeless man have his head nearly shot off 10 feet from us by a man with a badge!

Examples of behavior in question. These are social media tweets. It’s a trend going on and it’s not funny to us!

“Feeling cute, might shoot your baby daddy today . . . idk.”

“Feeling cute, might take your homeboy to the hole later.”

“Feeling cute, I’m still going to lock you down.”

The corrections officers making these comments are from various states working in various jails and prisons.

Ke’Nya Hill posted that she was feeling cute and “might shoot your baby daddy today,” according to a post on her Facebook page.


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Jewelry Anyone?

Mom’s Day is coming up and this mom cannot be more proud of my Angel for building a store for her art!


She’s just getting started! There’s no stopping this girl once she makes her mind up!

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Taking Time to Breathe – e-book now available to all Patrons!

Taking Time to Breathe – originally published in 2011 under my previously married name – 
This book is dedicated to the late, great, “Momma Donna”, the dearest friend I could have ever hoped to have. And to anyone who is hurting, may you be comforted as you join me on this journey to healing. 
Imagine that you’ve just burned the biscuits, the washing machine stopped working, the dog wants breakfast, the baby wants attention, there are bills yet to be paid, and the bank account just slipped into the “red zone”. Your world is in total chaos! 
I found myself in the midst of financial ruin, living underground in my in-laws’ basement, learning my daughter was losing her hearing, surviving a dangerous situation, and being injured in another. All this just after the last vehicle was towed away for lack of payment, and I now owed the bank. All I wished to do was fix everything. 
It was just such a time that “Taking Time to Breathe” began. It was then that I felt the Lord wanted me to shut out the world and take a spiritual journey with Him. I wrote for three days solid and believed my journey was complete. The journey picked up where it left off at different times until it reached its final resting place four years later! 
“Taking Time to Breathe” is a spiritual journey allowing one to take time to breathe in the midst of chaos. Journey along as we, with the Lord as our guide, stumble forward, forgetting what is behind and looking to what lies ahead. 
Reader’s Testimonials 
“Recovery, healing, and spiritual growth are brought together by Lisa (Earnest), God’s spirit-filled instrument, as she takes the reader on a spiritual journey of healing. Whether suffering from long-term effects of issues like abuse, trauma, or emotional instability…no matter what our issues, we are all on the same path. Taking Time to Breathe is a book of love and loss and everything in between. You will be inspired, and your life will be changed dramatically as you read the pages of this book.” – Vada M. Wolter, Author “The Caregiver’s Story”
“Lisa works on a wide range of true-life issues and is very impressive, guided by a very deep source her work is astounding and shows how God reaches into each and every life.” – DEAN
“I love Lisa’s writing style!” – Becky B. 
“I have been following Lisa’s writings for some time, her writings have often times been an encouragement to me when I most needed it. I highly recommend her writing to all who are looking to find hope in their lives.” – Paul Nowinski 
Online Review – “I just finished reading Taking Time to Breathe by Lisa Marie Earnest. Taking Time to Breathe is a short and moving first-person account of healing and transformation. Earnest takes her reader through a spiritual journey of healing.  Just like many journeys of faith, this one has to pass through the wilderness and into the land of milk and honey, by learning to put her complete trust in her Maker. 
This deeply personal journey is not an easy trek to travel, because stark memories of pain, both physical and emotional, are so fresh it becomes hard not to look back and dwell within the pain.  At the same time, it is all too easy to hold back the trust needed for complete healing. Somewhere in the midst—this pattern of looking back and holding back must be broken and while she can’t do this of her own volition—she must if she wants to move forward with her life, and live in the promised land here on earth. She must make that choice, dig up that inner strength, and break through the barriers to leave the past behind.
If someone is hurting they can certainly relate to this piece and maybe able to draw strength from it.  I enjoyed reading about this journey—because while healing the brokenness is the main theme—it is also about courage and about breakthrough.  I encourage you to get your copy of Taking Time to Breathe today.”
If you’d like to join others on this fascinating journey, please join the 320 Love Club and become a Patron for just $5 a month to unlock all 17 short chapters of my first book “Taking Time to Breathe”. 
The chapters are kept short so you can stop reading at any time and return at your convenience. As long as you are a Patron to this account, you will have access to this and any future e-books or poetry e-books. 
Your support is greatly appreciated and will allow me to continue writing.  
Thank you, 
Lisa M. Earnest/ Lisa M. B/ Leesa Love