Our First Dance

“Since you were so honest, I guess I should be honest with you,” I said with a heavy heart, knowing that my beautiful angel was about to slip through my fingers.

Hear us as we pray ~ poetry preview by Leesa Love

Oh Lord Hear us as we pray Help me be the wife That he needs today These chains that bind us Will not define us Though ~………………………………………………………… (complete poem available to members of The 320 Love Club ~ $5 Patrons ) Join my $5 a month Patreon now to see new content a month or more […]

Sanctify my Heart ~ poetry by Leesa Love

We don’t serve a little nameless stone We serve the God who always leads us Home Sometimes we get lost along the way Then He’s the God who forgives when we stray Sanctify my heart, purify my soul Fix my legs of bronze for all the world will know… I am standing in the gap […]

God’s Grace ~ poetry by Leesa Love

Hard times come to all Bad days, big or small Bring it all upon yourself Or a victim of someone else Either way, there’s healing for the pain That’s the beauty of God’s grace The night will come to see you When the sun goes down again And it’s darkness through and through You start […]


Oh my, what a day! My husband has an addiction and just like any other addiction, he tries to get away from it but when he’s in a moment of weakness, he’ll ask me to supply it. You’ve probably guessed, seeing how he’s a man and he’s in prison. But because he’s my husband and […]