Bleeding Heart Poetry


No matter how positive and strong I try to be, I am human. My husband and I have lost everything because of the lies of others and because of his inability to have good judgment. These are those poems that express the agony and anger that I face each and every day as a prison wife with a shattered heart.


You threw your stones
In an instant, my life was gone

And I don’t know how to let this anger go! 

Just keeping it real
‘Cause you don’t know how I feel

Until somebody comes along
And destroys you with their stones

You could have shown grace
You could have shown honor

But you lied to his face
Not knowing right from wrong
He was a goner

An easy target
For someone like you

Playing games avoiding the truth
Do you even recall the names

Of all those lives you destroyed
Because they trusted you?

Forgiveness is written across my heart 

But see, because of you
There’s a missing part 

My heart’s not whole
And I’m not interested in letting this go

You took the best of me
So all you get is what’s left of me

Do you know the pain you’ve caused?

You will someday
‘Cause Karma don’t play 

What goes around
Comes back around 

When it does
It’s gonna knock you down! 

When that day comes
And there’s no one around 

You just remember these years
As you drown in your tears

All alone
Holding your stones 

~Leesa Love