Her Poetry


The poetry of a Faithful Prison Wife


I Hear

I hear magic
I hear pain
I hear angels
I hear passions
Through your smile
One simple phone call
Erases the miles

I hear miracles
I hear love
I hear dancing
I hear holding hands
I hear laughter
I hear memories
Through your smile
As one simple phone call
Erases all of the miles

As one minute remains
Tears fall like rain
Please don’t let go
As we hang up the phone

I hear magic
I hear pain
I hear hope
Until I hear your voice again



Two Broken People

They were two broken people

In a world so torn

Trying to find their way

Through the eye of the storm

And these two broken people

Got lost along the way

Desperation caught a glance

Their love, it went astray

Now these two broken people

Live a shattered life

Trying to rebuild

After tragedy and strife

And these two broken people

Can finally see

That they are growing stronger

Though they feel so weak





Daddy Are You Proud of Me?


A poem that I wrote for my husband. When he read it, he said he’d never felt so understood before.


Daddy are you proud of me?

Daddy, did you know?

Your son is getting bigger now

Watch how fast I go!


Daddy are you proud of me?

Daddy, did you see?

Daddy, I rode my bike for the first time!

I rode it perfectly!


Daddy are you proud of me?

Daddy look my way

Look, Daddy, I’m in school now

Daddy, I almost got an “A”!


Daddy are you proud of me?

Daddy can we play a different game?

Daddy, why don’t you like me?

Daddy, what’s your name?


Daddy, say it isn’t so!

Nuh uh! You are too my dad!

I am your son

C’mon Daddy forget all that, let’s go have fun!


Daddy, why do you hurt me?

Daddy, what did I do?

Why can’t I call you Daddy?

Please say it’s not true


Dear Daddy,

Are you out there?

Daddy, do you care?

Daddy, are YOU proud of me?

Do you even know I’m here?

Daddy are you and me alike?

Daddy, you might not know but –

I’m your son. My name is Juan

But everyone thinks I’m Mike.





Flames of Love

The flames are high

Burn to the core

But we will fly

Yes, we will soar

I see the rage

Flowing strong

I will not fear

Knowing right from wrong

Questions in my lover’s eyes

Hurt so deep

Heard above his sighs

For in my heart

I know he knows

That through these flames

Our love must go



She Cannot

She cannot script the carnage left behind

Scattered bits of memories

Unsuccessfully hidden heartache

Etched across her weary mind

She cannot mumble a phrase

To express just how she feels

Inside is dark and hollow

Joyous moments relied upon to erase

She cannot face the morn

Without some twinge of pain

She dare not mention of it

Complaints cannot adorn

She cannot rest her tired head

Upon a pillow soft

Without the streams of tears

Lonely nights become her dread



Sunset Suicide

She lies motionless on a pier
Fighting for a gasp of fresh air

Sun blazing down upon her skin

He acts a fool
Mixed with whiskey

Disregarding commitment once again

And she is crying
And he isn’t trying

As the sun sets on their love

Quietly she sinks into the ocean

In that moment her heart
had, had enough

She drifts into the quiet of the sea

As his world crashes down with sobriety

If only

He can’t repair the broken
He can’t give back lost time

Oh how he longs just to hold her

As physicians fight to bring her back to life…

And he is crying
And she isn’t trying

As the sun sets on their love




Each Other

Morning has come
She survived another night
Wiping the sleep from her eyes
She faces the day, so bright
Her headaches
From the tears, she has cried
Her new “look” is sporting
Puffy eyes
Morning has come
Though he cannot tell
Until the clanking of dishes
Then somebody yells
A burnt piece of toast and eggs tossed his way
He blinks and yawns
“Gross!” He thinks as the eggs drip from the plate
She smiles at her coffee
Begins her day with pen in hand
He gulps down his milk
Washes in the basin
“Dear Lovie,” she writes

“Dear Funny,” he begins
Pausing, she realizes she forgot to feed the pet
“What?! Yeah here, take it!” he grumbles to a fellow inmate
Settling back in she takes another sip
Cringing, he watches his bunkie slurp down his egg-he hands him
“We”, she continues
“We”, he writes
“are going to get through this because we have each other!”




The ring on his finger
Threw it to the side
Betrayals often linger
Secrets he can’t hide
He longed to be a father
Someone to carry his name
He decided not to bother
He thought they were all the same
Scratches on a white gold band
Guilty fingers on his hands
No pillow on which to lay his head
Weary from choices and where they led
Lifting up his eyes he knew
He’d found a love that was so true
And though the cuffs went on that day
She had every right to go

But she’s by his side the whole damn way!
Rings on her fingers
Forgiveness in her hands
Betrayals often linger
She proudly wears both bands
He longed to be a father
A request she could not fill
She could have chosen not to bother
But she never will
With all of my Love to Juan Miguel.
I forgive you.





Messages to my stepson (E)

Dear E,

If ever you find me, please know that you are loved, wanted, cherished, and we pray for you. You are not a mistake. You are a blessing!

Please know that I am sorry that you had to suffer, but I tried to help you.


Love you always!💔

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