Her Poetry

The poetry of a Faithful Prison Wife

The Hawk – in loving memory of a special friend

Who Am I?  I am many things but “that b*tch” is not my name

He Falls Down Even if I am the only human on earth that can see how wonderful a man my husband is, I will stand alone, helping him to his feet each time he falls.

God’s Grace  Jesus didn’t die to heal the perfect

Sanctify my Heart  Let me stand in the gap for him

A Heart Wide Open I opened my heart to them, they chose to hate

Enemies That praying for your enemies thing is tough. However, I did pray they would find a safe, stable home for my little step-son and they have so. Amen.

Hear Us As We Pray  Duet poetry written by me in the expression of both of our thoughts

Are Rainbows Just a Myth?  If you support the killing of innocent babies as a woman’s choice, you won’t like this poem. BUT if you believe in LIFE, there was actually an answer to this poem later that evening here

Good Morning Hugs  My grown daughter has broken my heart for the last time

Hold Your Heart  If my love could have protected him, he’d be in my arms today

My Lover’s Breath Before we even touched, I knew I loved him

In Your Eyes  What I saw then, I still see today

The Garden of Love  Many a weed has tried to strangle this love

Storm Clouds Rage His family brought out the worst in me. I’m so happy to have them out of our lives!



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