IMG_1919 (1)Embracing the pain is one her greatest gifts. This blog will walk you through the paths of history which led to the person she is today. If a soft upbringing involves cozy blankets and warm milk, her upbringing was one of jagged glass and lemons!

She was 4 years old when a passion for story telling came into her life. Now, 35 years later, her wheels are still turning. When will this ride end? When will she be able to look herself in the mirror, calling herself a true “writer”?

Crippled by the echoes in her mind, she doubts herself, probably more than most. Her work burned, shredded, torn, crumpled, and discarded, time and time and time again! She has picked herself up physically and figuratively more times than she would like to admit.

“Give up!” one voice shouts within her mind.

“Pick up and try again,” says another.

A constant battle of quitting one day and trying again the next is ongoing. Encouragement is rare and when it arrives, it is feared. Kindness is a gesture she is unacquainted with and thus pushes it away!

“RUN!” the voices say.

“RUN! It’s a trick. You don’t matter to anyone! Don’t give in. You know better.”

gone again
she runs
though her feet stand still
planted in the dense soil

she is a loner
yet too weak to stand alone
surrounded by those
she wants to trust
but knows from experience
that choice is just too dangerous

she runs
though she goes nowhere
she wants so much
to go somewhere
with no direction on
how to get there

she runs