Shout Out to my Loyal Followers!

The past few months (pretty much the whole year) has been ROUGH! But some of you have stayed by my side through it all and I wanted to give a shout out to you. I know I’m going to leave someone out (probably a lot of someones) so what I’m going to (try) to do […]

A Tragic Return to this Blog

I was planning all along to return to blogging, then I lost my friend and had to face some emotions.I had a really cute, sweet, story to tell, and I’m still going to tell it, however today that sweet story has a tragic ending.   This blog began, LDW, as a way to document our journey. […]

Unseen Victim ~ poetry by Leesa Love

The prison wife is the unseen victim. She can barely lift her head From the depths of the sorrow The chill and darkness of today Drown out the dreams of tomorrow There seems no escape From this whirling magnitude of pain Suffering like that of a hangover As her tears fall like rain Her heart […]