Time to Call Chuck!

This is a Lovie letter that I chose to share publicly because it’s so comical you can’t help but pity the man and try not to laugh at his dramatics. If you want to read more Lovie letters like this please become a patron for $5 a month. Lovie Letter 6-3-2019 I feel a lil […]

Hear us as we pray ~ duet poetry ~

Oh Lord Hear us as we pray Help me be the wife That he needs today These chains that bind us Will not define us Though the walls Reach so high Your love will provide The strength we need To get through another day Oh Lord Hear us as we pray Help me be the […]

Unseen Victim ~ poetry by Leesa Love

The prison wife is the unseen victim. She can barely lift her head From the depths of the sorrow The chill and darkness of today Drown out the dreams of tomorrow There seems no escape From this whirling magnitude of pain Suffering like that of a hangover As her tears fall like rain Her heart […]

God is Waiting ~ poetry by Leesa Love

He is waiting…. Open your eyes Leave your blindness behind In the midst of the storm Draw near to He Who gives you warmth For your heart, once frozen Now open and exposed Draw near to the Healer For, He already knows He waits for you When you lose your way Draw near to Him […]

Embrace ~ poetry by Leesa Love

Embrace the silence Take hold of the calm Feel the cleansing waters Raining down the healing balm Push away the anger Let the hatred fall Fill your heart with peace As you answer His call ¬©LeesaLove ¬†This blog runs on Faith & Coffee Feel free to become a monthly subscriber and gain access to exclusive […]