Who is J Love or Mike?

J-Love, Johnny Love, Juan, or Mike, was born into this world as Juan Miguel and later adopted by his step-father, due to a personality disorder, he changes his name according to his mood. He is the incarcerated and special needs husband of Leesa Love.

He is diagnosed with Autism or suffering from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (undetermined) or both, he is diagnosed with Bipolar Depression Disorder, having Impulse Control Disorder, and having Borderline Intelligence Disorder with poor decision-making skills, he is easily manipulated and those who he believed were his friends set him up when they discovered he had been to prison in his twenties. He is serving 15 years in a private facility where his special needs are better met. At the promise of a healthy baby, he agreed to a several weeks long marital affair with someone he believed to be a 21-year-old college student who would allow him to be in the baby’s life. It was a setup. Due to inadequate legal defense, he was never given a psychological evaluation, his mental health records which dated back 30 years were thrown out, and he was allowed to impulsively plea out on his own defense to a judge while his own lawyer referred to him as “Rainman”. 

Mike is far more than an inmate. He is the gentle and loving husband of Leesa Love. He is a friend to those in need. He is the man who stops traffic to rescue a puppy, kitten, or bunny. He is the one standing in the rain removing obstacles from the road to prevent an accident. He is the man you call on when you need help. He has a very gentle spirit and the intellect and emotions of a child. Many times he got out in the freezing cold to push a stranded vehicle to safety. He removed brand new shoes from his feet and handed them to a homeless man who had no shoes. He will give you the shirt off of his back and has numerous times! 

Regardless of how society views him, to Leesa Love, he is her husband, best friend, lover, and he is her hero! news story

On March 18, 2015 at about 6:30PM, Leesa and her husband were closing up a wonderful date night by taking pictures by the lake, when suddenly, gunshots rang out. Without hesitation, Mike pushed his wife behind him and acted as a human shield! They both watched in horror as a homeless man was shot in the head by a police officer and fell dead beside their car that was parked just a few feet away from them. In disbelief, he began snapping photos and video to document the experience. Those traumatizing images will never be erased from their minds and Mike never recovered fully from what he witnessed. They were then held for questioning until 2am while their car (the black Impala pictured) was being removed from the scene and “cleaned of evidence”.

Later when she asked her husband what made him shield her, he said “I vaguely remember doing that. It’s just my instinct.” 

In short, J-Love, Mike, Juan, Johnny Love, is a wonderful person who’s crippled by the effects of his multiple psychological disorders and years upon years of abuse! Everyone except his wife turned their backs on him. He is loved by few, rejected by many, however, nothing that happens to him has changed how he views the world. He wakes up every morning looking for ways to help other inmates and staff. Sometimes all he can do is make them laugh, other times he’s pushing the wheelchair of a disabled inmate, helping the elderly inmate who can no longer feed himself properly, giving his food away to the hungry, or being a friend to the friendless regardless of what society may say about them. He’s even stepped up to help an officer who was experiencing a medical issue and about to fall to the ground! 

He’s more than a number! He’s a good man!

It’s just his instinct.