Who is Leesa Love?

Leesa Love is an aspiring author who loves God, nature, and her family (which includes her sweet little dog Sibby and grand-pup Rumo)! She has 4 children. 1 grown biological daughter, 1 grown step-son, 1 teenage step-daughter, and 1 toddler step-son from a recent marital affair. She has never had the honor of meeting her stepchildren but carries them all in her heart! IMG_20190511_195230_505.jpg

Leesa married young and became a mother young. She loves everything about being a mother but was in a very emotionally damaging marriage for 13.5 years before he finally gave her the best Christmas present ever, an email asking for a divorce.

Being single for the first time ever, led Leesa down some very dark roads. Then on August 6, 2012, God brought her a wonderful husband, J. Unfortunately, her wonderful husband came with serious psychological disabilities (that she wasn’t fully aware of) and a tainted past which involved prison time. He also came with one of the most hateful mother-n-law’s imaginable to man-kind! 


None the less, the two fell madly in love and were married on August 6, 2013, one year from the day they met on Facebook. At this time, they do not have any (living) children together. Though they continuously pray for a future miracle.


However, their happily ever after has been put on hold….and that is where the story gets a bit unbelievable…Follow along as she takes you back to where it all began and how it continues through with faith, hope, love, and a very long prison sentence. 

Leesa has become the sole provider for herself, her dog, and her husband. She needs help to keep writing. Please consider joining her Patreon CLICK HERE to join. It is only $5 a month to unlock a daily journal and extras that help tell this ongoing true love story or you can become a Grid’s Guardian and read the day to day ups and downs of her and her husband’s private life, shared only with patrons in the $25+ tier. 

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